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About the Company

The Calmo Air Phoenix Company was established to develop an affordable, simple to maintain, and accessible airplane. As a result, people can fly across the sky and get the benefits of low-cost travel. As a result, we launch this startup to create the airplane. To reach this goal, we begin by researching and designing numerous models until we find the most excellent design and performance. We built multiple models and tested them, and they all functioned perfectly.

How it all began – Our vision of the ideal airplane

When I was a pilot training student, I had the thought, “Why don’t all people have airplanes like cars?” In addition, people could not afford to own aircraft-like vehicles due to the high cost of aircraft maintenance. I pitched the idea of developing a low-cost, easy-to-maintain airplane to my friend Mohamad Reza, who liked it and motivation to pursue this startup.

Growing from two single founders to a company with team members

We started with two people and have grown into a large family. We’re a young, ambitious, and professional team in the process of making everyone’s dream of cheap, economical flight a reality.

Performance, Efficiency, and Safety.

The company’s aim is to establish the best possible standards for aircraft production. Calmo Air Phoenix is committed to integrating the most advanced materials and technologies to produce aircraft that are incredibly reliable and environmentally friendly, without compromising performance, safety, or aesthetic appeal.

The Calmo Air Company’s Future – Nothing can stop us!

We are doing our best to manufacture our plane and establish a production line for the company as quickly as possible. However, we require your help to make this dream a reality. Our goal is to make the fly accessible to everyone, and we will continue to work hard toward that goal. Everyone will have the ability to fly safely and inexpensively. Every individual should be able to fly their own plane.

Company Intro


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From 2020/8 to 2021/8 Research
Research Stage
  • Literature review
  • Design and dimensionless design
  • Making dimensionless model and test
  • making some part of dimensional parts, test and compare results with dimensionless results
  • Licenses and company registration
From 2021/9 to 2022/6 Introduction company on social networks
Social media
  • Running company social Networks
  • Running company Site
From 2022/2 to 2022/6 Airdrop


From 2022/7 to 2022/12 Token Sell Plan
IDO Launch Informations
  • Lunching IDO
  • Seed sell of caph token
  • Private sell stage
  • Public sell stage
From 2023/1 to 2024/7 Building Factory
Factory Set up
    • Creating the first flaying model
    • Test and confirming the results
    • Solving possible problem
    • Confirm the safety and efficiency of model
    • Making Factory and equping
From 2024/5
Company productions
  • Start production Line

Investor Rewards

In the board meeting, it was decided to hold a raffle to thank token pre-sale investors. Investors will receive two Capella M-1s. A lottery will select two investors to receive the two aircrafts. Each 100000  tokens represent one chance in this lottery.

Caph Token Owerview

The CalmoAir Phoenix token is generated by the name of CAPH token (CalmoAirPhoenix) which is shorted from the company name. The total number of tokens are 100000000000 (100 billion token). Other information about the Caph tokens is listed below.

Token Contract Address: 0xFF671691eECd8ea8F218E2a778c6155918EBfC11

Token Seed Sale: 10 July 2022

Seed sale price: 1 Caph=0.0001 $

Token Pre Sale: 10 September 2022

Pre sale price: 1 Caph=0.001 $

Token Public Sale: 10 November 2022

Public sale price: 1 Caph=0.01 $

Ticker: CAPH Fundraising Goal: 40000000000 token

Token type: Bep-20

Total tokens: 100000000000

Accepts: BNB


Mostafa Andache


MohammadReza Zeidabadinejad


Team Members

Mostafa Andache


Civil Engineer / Designer and Pilot

MohammadReza Zeidabadinejad


M.Sc. Mechanical Engineer/ Airplane Designer

Misagh Sabili

Designer Member

M.Sc. Mechanical Engineer

AliReza EsmaeiliPour


Computer Software Engineer

Hamed Masoumi


Hossein Zeidabadinejad

Part Designer


Fahime Mahdavi

Company Lawer

Ali Nazari

Company Consultant

Msc English Translator / Mechanical Engineer

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