10,000$ (1M Caph Token) For 100 lucky winners

CalmoAirPhoenix team is pleased to announce the Seed Sale of its $CAPH Token, it is started on 10th July 2022. Calmoairphoenix company is a new startup in the aerospace industry. The main goal of this company is to create airplanes which are suitable (safe, easy to fly,  easy to maintenance, and economic) for everyone. The products of this company include 2-seater to 10-seater airplanes.

CAPH Owerview

The total supply for the $CAPH token is 100Billion.

Token Contract Address: 0xFF671691eECd8ea8F218E2a778c6155918EBfC11

Token Seed Sale: 10 July 2022

Seed sale price: 1 Caph=0.0001 $

Token Pre Sale: 10 September 2022

Pre sale price: 1 Caph=0.001 $



Token Public Sale: 10 November 2022

Public sale price: 1 Caph=0.01 $

Ticker: CAPH Fundraising Goal: 40000000000 token

Token type: Bep-20

Total tokens: 100000000000

Accepts: BNB

Seed-Sale Reward

We are glad to announce that $CAPH token seed-sale has Reward for who’s retweet it’s post. The reward will drawn after CalmoAirPhoenix recorded an encouraging number of engagement on social media platforms. The total of the prize are 1,000,000 Caph token which it’s equal to 10,000$ for 100 lucky people.

Winners will be drawn live on YouTube on July 18, 2022.

you just have to retweet this tweet: Click Here To Join Lottery